Vaddo, Inc. has been recognized as one of Houston's Best & Brightest Companies to Work For for the past 8 years in a row!

Vaddo, Inc. is currently looking for competitive, career-minded candidates to aid us with our expansion. Our employee training program is designed to cross-train the right candidate in all aspects of sales, business administration, talent scouting, team leadership, business development, market expansion, and public speaking. It also provides a worthwhile experience for recent graduates who are looking to attain a solid understanding of entrepreneurship, management, and business administration within a business setting.

You will learn the following:


  • Professional sales techniques

  • Hands-on sales training from experienced sales professionals

  • Daily mentorship and guidance from an experienced staff

  • Business and personal management of both time and finances

  • A culture based on the values of the people that make up the company

  • Merit-based promotional structure

  • Fun and Quality of our staffs' lives are a focal point for us


You must have the following qualities:


  • Ambitious - the bigger you think, the more you will like it here.

  • Performance-driven - we are a performance-based company, so if you are excited you control your pay, promotions, and speed, it is a great fit.

  • Resilient - problems, changes, and challenges are all the time and never stop, so you have to handle change and issues.

  • Curious - we are not looking for anyone with answers, but seeking to work with those with questions. If we wanted a finished product, we would not set up a training program. Work in progress for us means growth, and we want to grow!

  • Team player - we work in teams, we play in groups, we do everything in units. We believe in a team's power and want those who want to be apart of something big vs. be the big part.

Submit your resume using the form below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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