The Vaddo, Inc. team meets with each customer face-to-face. Our firm does not do telemarketing, email blasting, direct mailing, etc. We focus on making a personal connection with every customer to actually determine what is best for both them and the client.  We get our leads directly from our client and then send a representative from our company directly to the customer.

Clients provide leads, territory, and all tools necessary for our representatives to succeed. We are responsible for account management and acquisitions through-out all of Houston. All consultations are face-to-face. 

Yes! We have a strict policy on advancement-- all promotions are based on performance, and all management team members are promoted from within. Our detailed and structured management training program helps team members focus consistently on professional growth and advancement. 

Since opening our doors in 2011, Vaddo, Inc. has experienced over 500% growth. Right now our focus is to create a stronger footprint through out Texas and eventually stretching our footprint across the United States.  Our clients are asking for more great people to go through Vaddo's proven training program to management, which we are aggressively attacking and excited for the future.

Direct marketing provides a more personal connection between our customers and clients. We sit down with our clients' customers one-on-one to go over their accounts, and make sure that they are getting the very best our clients can offer. We are able to overcome the obstacles and barriers in obtaining a customer that cannot be achieved through traditional forms of marketing and advertising.

On average, employees in the management training program advance to a leadership role in under a year. Having an exceptional work ethic, a great student mentality and an overall eagerness and drive to succeed also play a major part in an individual's success.